Ivica Markovičová

In the topography of Ivica Markovičová's works since her studies we can see her strong interest in glass and ceramics. After graduation at Secondary Artistic School in Košice, fields of ceramics, she moves to glass studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. However, after university graduation she focuses her interest on ceramics again. The diarchy of the two materials has since then been one of substantial parts of her professional profile, as well as the constant search for new technological and material possibilities. She often uses experiments from non - applied art in household ceramics, especially in design of dining objects such as bowls, dishes for drinks and dining sets.

For several years she has been using colour as an important forming element in glass works, which together with mechanical interventions enables her to create works in a way of a painter. As, for example, bowls of clear, simple shapes, proving the minimalist and rational intellect, inside which a view onto an "ordre du coeur" country is opening in front of us. Or sophisticated glass objects banking on austere and simple lines and visual effects of big clear areas, or merry, colour-bright ceramic mugs… It is clear, that this young glass artist and ceramist is building up her double-house programme with systematic resolution and enviable confidence, not missing the right mixture of curiosity, dynamism and will to discover.

Ivica Markovičová's works can be seen in collections in the USA, Austria, Germany, France and Hong Kong.

Vierka Kleinová

Glass artist Ivica Markovičová


artistic craft


ceramics design

glass in architecture